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About Ikche Wishashas

I. W. unlike other companies, is totally dedicated to individuals who want to start a business, new entrepreneurs, and SMBs. It actively assists new entrepreneurs to commence and run a business .

Thanks to a team of entrepreneurs who are from varied backgrounds like Creative Design, IT engineering, Economics & Management, Translation. and the experience to have started themselves their business, I. W. represents a wonderful place/centre, for new entrepreneurs. They will be able to find what they need to strengthen their new business from the beginning itself . We put your pressure down and give breathing space so that you can concentrate on your budding business !

Whoever you are, whatever your background, wherever you are, however you want to do it, whenever you plan to do it , we want to hear from you. The company has its doors open for anyone who thinks she or he needs us.

You are Welcome to I. W.

Philosophy ::
In the economic world, and in particular in business, some profiles are automatically
rejected. Mostly , because
  • they don't have enough money
  • they don't live in the right place
  • they don't follow the standards (age. )
  • they don't have standard ideas.
 We erase all these barriers .
  • money
  • background (where you're from, where you're live.)
  • the social standards created ( age, .)
 We believe in equity. Click Here to see our Equity Statement >
Our Mission ::
Equal opportunity of success for anyone...through our services
Why us ::
  • No barriers to access to our services
  • All the team members are Entrepreneurs who had to cope with the starting of a business
  • We hold the quality of a large company with the price of a small one
  • The services are delivered on demand , and tailor-made for you
  • We offer privacy regarding your project
  • We offer firm prices
  • We stand along you to help you to run your business and succeed on a long term basis
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